Cloud image service, upload, storage, and CDN

Features and Benefits

Image upload

Securely upload images or any other file, at any scale from any source. API for fast upload directly from your users' browsers or mobile apps.

Image upload with Cloudinary

Upload any file to the cloud:

Upload any image type (JPG, PNG, Animated GIF, PSD, WebP, JPEG-XR, SVG, and others). Upload videos, PDF and Office documents, and any other file type.

Upload from any source:

Use Cloudinary's image API to upload files from your back-end application. Support uploading directly from your visitors' browsers, iOS or Android mobile apps without any server-side component. Alternatively, fetch images in realtime using URLs from around the web.

Upload at any scale:

Upload anywhere from a few images to millions of images a day. Cloudinary takes care of your upload scale with zero hassle and no headaches.

Upload files any way you want it:

Cloudinary offers secure upload API, interactive manual uploads and customizable upload widgets you can embed in your website or mobile app.

Cloud storage

Store as many images as needed. Our image hosting service stores images privately and safely with automatic backup and historical revisions.

Cloud storage with Cloudinary

Your files are stored safely in the cloud:

With Cloudinary your images are stored in a highly available, redundant, cloud-based persistent storage, with revision tracking and automatic backup.

Store as many files as you need:

Cloudinary allows you to store anywhere from a few files to millions of files, from a few bytes to many Terabytes and more.

Store the files wherever you need them:

Leverage Cloudinary's internal storage mechanisms or your own AWS S3 bucket for storage. Alternatively, you can keep utilizing your existing storage solution and have your files manipulated on-the-fly from their original location.

Powerful Administration

Manage your media library interactively with our Digital Asset Management solution or via APIs. Gain insights using advanced analytics.

Powerful administration with Cloudinary

Web-based management console:

Gain important insights on your images with usage reports, in-depth analytics and actionable advice. Setup and tweak every aspect of your image pipeline's behavior. Assign role-based access to all your team members.

Online media management:

Use Cloudinary's online web interface to interactively manage your media library wherever you are. Sift through your images with powerful browsing and advanced searching. Moderate your images manually or automatically. Tag your images or organize them in folders and much more.

Administrative API:

Use RESTful APIs to simplify and speed-up your move to the cloud. Automate all your image management and house-keeping. Cloudinary's SDKs offer streamlined integration for your specific development framework.

Image Manipulations and Transformations

Manipulate your images dynamically to fit any graphics design. Apply effects, resizing, cropping, face detection, watermarks and tons of image processing capabilities.

Image manipulations and transformations with Cloudinary

On-the-fly image transformations with a URL-based API:
  • Upload a full-sized image once and let Cloudinary generate different sized image versions from the original, on-the-fly or in advance.
  • Manipulate your images dynamically to perfectly fit your graphic design across every device and resolution.
  • Images are processed ultra fast in the cloud, with no local software installation or ongoing maintenance required.
Vast array of image manipulation capabilities:
  • Advanced resizing and cropping
  • Face detection based cropping and effects
  • Rotate, flip and alter image shapes
  • Photo effects and filters
  • Text overlays, watermarks and image overlays
  • Animated GIF manipulation and video conversion
  • PDF and Office document processing
  • Sprite image and CSS generation
  • Convert image formats and modify quality
  • Chain multiple transformations together

Fast delivery

Get your images delivered lightning-fast, responsive and highly optimized for any device in any location. Images are served via Akamai’s worldwide CDN.

Fast delivery with Cloudinary

Automatic image optimization:
  • Cloudinary uses best of breed lossy and lossless Image size and image quality optimizations, including automatic WebP and JPEG-XR support as well as JPG, PNG, SVG and animated GIF optimization algorithms.
  • Have your images optimized based on viewing device, retina display and responsive design. Improve your website loading speed even further with domain sharding, smart image caching and metadata stripping.
Simple and fast integration:
  • Cloudinary's dynamic URL-based image delivery greatly simplify the integration with your website and mobile app.
  • Customize your delivery URLs, leveraging your own domain and a flexible SEO-friendly naming convention.
Global CDN delivery:
  • All your images are delivered lightning fast from a world-wide Content Delivery Network (CDN).
  • Cloudinary leverages multiple CDNs, including Akamai, the leading CDN provider, with thousands of world-wide edge.