Cloud-based Internet of Things platform

Features and Benefits

Agile Intelligence for all of your things

flowthings.io provides a rich environment of tools and data to enable organizations of any size to collect the ever-increasing volume of real-world real-time data and turn that data into actionable intelligence which can be delivered in real-time to the apps, people, and devices which can affect positive business outcomes.

Agile intelligence for all of your things with flowthings.io

Multi Protocol Support

flowthings.io allows you to ingest realtime data from the Internet of Things as well as traditional data sources through just about any protocol.

Connect with ease

Connect IoT devices and existing applications using our embedded agent, via MQTT, WebSockets, or HTTP.

Multi protocol support with flowthings.io

Leverage realtime data, big data, analytics, and many more to create agile intellgence

flowthings.io enables developers and analysts to incorporate realtime data, institutional data sets, analytics, services (both open and private), as well as their own subject matter expertise to transform data streams into actionable information that apps, people, and devices can use to affect positive business outcomes.

Realtime processing with flowthings.io

Visual Processing tools

Complex Event Processing at scale is no longer in the domain of "vintage" engineers using expensive software and tools. flowthings.io enables anyone who can program a spreadsheet to create a solution that can turn thousands of raw data events per second into positive business outcomes.

Push positive business outcomes from flowthings.io

flowthings.io understands that intelligent actions need to be delivered to the app, person, or "thing" that can affect positive change, with that in mind we support multiple secure distribution methods.

Deliver agile intelligence with flowthings.io