Keen IO

Collect, analyze, and visualize event data

Features and Benefits

Track and store data from any source.

You can track any event from your website, app, game, or device and store it with Keen. No need to manage your own database for event data.

Get started fast

Sending data is quick and painless with our super-simple REST API and SDKs.

Enrich your data

Automatically parse out user agent, device, geolocation, URL, IP, and more.

Add third-party integrations

Connect Keen to Slack, AWS, SendGrid, Tessel, Stripe, Heroku, and many others.

Query data however you want.

Your data is available instantly to query programmatically or with a few clicks of the mouse. Ask any question you want, and let your teams do the same.

Control your data

Structure your query the way you want with APIs built by developers, for developers. Run everything from counts and sums to multi-step cohort and funnel analysis.

Democratize Data Access

Give teams a self-service, point-and-click tool to run analytics with the same flexibility as the Keen API. Build custom queries and funnels and instantly visualize the results. No SQL required.

Display results where you need them.

Bring your data to life with ready-to-go templates or create your own. Integrate customer-facing analytics into anything you build.

Access ready-to-go visualizations

Create snazzy charts and dashboards in minutes with pre-built templates.

Create custom reports

Generate any report you need to share internally or with your customers.

Deliver white-label analytics

Embed analytics and reporting features into your product to add value and gain competitive advantage.