Memcached as a service

Features and Benefits

Improve Page Load Performance

Use MemCachier to cache your rendered pages and database queries, greatly speeding up page load times for your end users.

Reduce 3rd-Part API Dependency

Cache queries to 3rd-party API's, avoiding any limits or throttles they may have, and greatly improving your performance and reliability in the process.

Improve Your Session Support

Use MemCachier to store session data, allowing easy scale out of new front-end nodes and high performance since all your sessions are stored in memory!

Reliably High-Performance

MemCachier is built from the ground up for the best performance on PaaS. We use the most powerful computers and spread your cache across a whole cluster.

High Availability

All production cache’s are replicated and spread over many servers. If a node fails, you’re instantly switched to a new server for uninterrupted service.

Scale with Ease

Our production plans can be scaled instantly with a single command from you. No loss of data, just scale up or down as your application needs change.

Proven Technology and Team

We’ve been in production since the start of 2012 and support over 20,000 customers.

Analytics Dashboard

Our analytics dashboard gives you usage insights to help you get more out of your cache. We also support integration with New Relic.

New Relic Support

We support New Relic integration through our own plugin! Shows all your cache statistics in New Relic so you can monitor in one place.

24/7 Monitoring

All resources are constantly monitored to ensure excellent uptime and performance. Results are shown on our status page.

Expert Support

All plans come with support from memcache experts. You’ll speak directly with engineers who’ve built the service. Contact us via email, GChat or IRC.

Enterprise Ready

For inquiries about enterprise offerings with SLAs, dedicated clusters, 24/7 support, and larger cache sizes, please contact