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Features and Benefits

Code what matters most

Rather than building on expensive, monolithic application architectures, organizations today are increasingly deploying applications that get the job done. APIs come to rescue and Stamplay removes the complexity around API integrations and back-end building so developers can spend more time on areas of their application that really matter.

Built-in scalability

Stamplay runs on top cloud infrastructures and uses multiple high-availability data centers. From our free plan for basic usage to enterprise level support for hundreds of thousands of events per day, Stamplay scales as your application does. Nothing to install. Nothing to manage.

Production grade hosting

Production-grade hosting for developers. It is designed for use by mission-critical sites and apps. We've built it from the ground up for reliability, scale and security. On top of this, we've made hosting incredibly simple to use by providing one-command deploy and one-click rollback to give a fast, secure, and reliable way to host your apps.

Build awesome applications

No servers to maintain. No worries about databases or storage. Scalable as needed. Low operational costs over the time and no lock-in with third-party API integrations, switching among services is one click away. Whether you're running an open source project or a Fortune 500 company, we will help you to succeed.

One-click API Integration

Connecting to an API is easy as plugging into a socket. Add features like realtime search, payments, messages or transactional emails using the top APIs out there and with no need of messing with documentation and API maintenance.

User authentication

Most applications need to know the identity of a user. Knowing a user's identity allows an app to provide a customized experience and grant them permissions to access their data. The process of proving a user's identity is called authentication. Stamplay provides a full set of authentication options out-of-the-box.

Piece together APIs

Stamplay and third party API can be mixed together defining rules like: "when a user signs up with Linkedin, send him a welcome email and add him on my newsletter” or "if a user fills this form, charge him 25$ with Stripe or send him an SMS with Twilio”. No code required.

Instant RESTful APIs

Get RESTful APIs generated in seconds to work with your data. Define Objects attributes names and types to get server-side validation. Apply Role based permission policies and get built-in social interactions API.

Un-matched support

Thoughtful, timely support from real developers is why our users love us

API Console

With the updated API Console, you have quick and easy access to all functions of our REST API, allowing you to explore the API or debug issues without writing a single line of code.